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Tenuta Ammiraglia
Alìe 2020
Toscana - igt

Cépage Syrah


The estate of Ammiraglia is a place of unquestionable natural beauty, captivating and impeccable, set in a territory of great potential for the production of high quality wines.

In particular the cellars, designed by Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon represent one of the most perfect combinations of innovation, technology and respect for the environment. The building simply merges into its surroundings.


Eye : a soft pink colour with delicate, peach-like hues.

Nose : The elegant array of aromas make it a one-of-a-kind wine. Characterised by strong citrus notes, such as pink grapefruit, and floral notes that blend together seamlessly and beautifully enhance each other, it leaves a very pleasant after-taste.

Mouth : Hints of peach and grapefruit and aromas of tropical fruit, such as passion fruit and mango, stand out on the palate. Shortly after, hints of Mediterranean herbs, like thyme, sage and rosemary begin to appear. This rich and highly sensual wine is tangy and has a lovely mineral quality when tasted.

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