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Domaine du Château d'Arlay
Vin Jaune - Cuvée Protéodie 2011

  • Unit - 62 cl
  • Box of 6 - 62 cl
Unit - 62 cl
Box of 6 - 62 cl
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Cépage Savagnin


A dry and powerful wine with oxidative nutty aromas, made from the local Savagnin grape variety, our Vin Jaune is made from old vines dating from the 1950s with low yields and aged for almost 7 years in oak barrels without topping up - an operation that usually consists of compensating for the angels' share of the barrel by regularly topping up the liquid level. It is this absence of topping up that allows a characteristic veil of natural yeast to appear, giving the wine a unique flavour.

The exceptional cuvée "Protéodies" is the result of an experiment conducted by the estate.

Definition of "Protéodie": (21st century) a catch-all word composed of protein and melody. Possibly created by Joël Sternheimer, inventor of a process of epigenetic regulation of protein biosynthesis by scale resonance, patented in 1993 in France, and in the public domain since 2013.

In short: Stimulating the wine with selected sound waves in the early stages of maturation could naturally improve the quality of the yeast veil, and give even more flavour.

Results: Compared to the same vintage aged without stimulation, the results are exceptional. The proteodies provided a more lively and thicker veil, which led to the appearance of even more pronounced typical aromas.

This exceptional 2011 "Proteodies" vintage is limited in quantity, as the technique has proved its worth and will now be an integral part of future vinifications.

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