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Domaine du Château d'Arlay
Vin de Paille - Côtes du Jura 2016
Côtes du Jura - aoc

  • Unit - 37.5 cl
  • Box of 12 - 37.5 cl
Unit - 37.5 cl
Box of 12 - 37.5 cl
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Cépage Chardonnay
Elevage 3 to 4 years in small old casks


Located in the heart of the Jura vineyards in France, on a hill of grey marl and fossilised limestone, the Château d'Arlay vineyard dominates the history of wine: reputed to be the oldest wine château in France and a former Royal Vineyard of Spain, England and France.

Family owned, never bought or sold since the Middle Ages, the Château d'Arlay vineyard is a historical exception.

Alain, Anne and Pierre-Armand de Laguiche perpetuate here today a unique know-how: that of producing lively, dynamic, seductive wines and spirits with a marked personality.
Wines and spirits in an authentic Jura spirit, respectful every day of the Earth, of Men and Women, of Fauna and Flora.

Accompanied by a talented and experienced team, they work as closely as possible to the land to produce the best wines.

It's authentic and rare "straw wine" has a fresh style of sweetness, richness and complexity. It is obtained by a severe selection of 2 red grapes and 2 white grapes picked up at perfect maturity without a single trace of rot on the fruits. Then we let the grapes dry in an opened attic for 4 months, checking daily to avoid any rot. 

After being pressed, the wine will ferment for 3 to 4 years in small old casks. Nearly 100 kg of grapes are needed to produce 12 to 15 litres of straw wines.


The fragrance is an extraordinary blend of exotic scents, honey, crystallized fruits, cocoa, mushrooms, tobacco and beeswax.

It is best served moderately chilled as an aperitif or with foie gras or blue cheese but above all as a "digestif" perhaps with very good spicy chocolates or for example with a spicy cigar.

Each bottle is numbered and wax tagged. It can age in a cellar for 100 years and due to its alcohol volume of 14-15° it can be kept opened for days... only if you're able to refrain from drinking it!

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