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A simple "philosophy"

Since its creation in 1868, our House has always focused its policy on a simple "philosopher".

Create upstream relationships of trust with our suppliers with whom we have been working for most of them for decades in a true spirit of partnership.

And develop downstream with our customers privileged and personalized links, sometimes going well beyond simple commercial relations, in a climate of trust, based on our quality of service and advice.

We offer our customers an extremely varied assortment from most Swiss and foreign vineyards. Beyond the effects of fashion, by definition ephemeral, we favor a choice of "classic" wines, whose success and distribution, very often worldwide, reward a serious professional and regular work in the vineyard and in the cellars.

But of course, this option does not confine us to a limited and fixed choice, and our proposals are constantly enriched by new producers, whose regularity and desire to produce quality wines over the long term.

FAVRE-TEMPIA SA now distributes more than 1000 items, in all types of packaging and has a selection of impressive vintages of "ready to drink" wines.

Our exclusives can be found on the maps of public establishments, wine shops and specialist shops in Romandie of course, but also in German and Italian Switzerland thanks to our sales force and our network of distribution partners.

All our representatives know the restaurant and hotel world very well and identify the needs of their customers, providing them with expert advice on the choice of wines to be presented in their establishments.


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